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Unvaccinated Kyrie Irving could play at home if Brooklyn Nets do this


Unvaccinated Kyrie Irving could play at home if Brooklyn Nets do this

NBA superstar Kyrie Irving has been banished from playing at home for the Brooklyn Nets due to New York’s ordinance prohibiting unvaccinated residents from entering public facilities.

Irving, 29, has not played at home all season, and just recently began playing in road games. However, there may be a way for Irving to play at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn after all.

According to the New York Daily News, noncompliance with the city law on vaccinations as outlined in Bill de Blasio’s executive order is a warning for the first offense. The second offense is $1,000 fine. 

The newspaper then said the fine would be like lunch money for the multimillionaire players, coaches and staff. For example, the Nets paid an overrated Deron Williams $27.5 million to leave the team, and paid the geriatric DeAndre Jordan $40 million to sit on the bench last year. 

Therefore, in comparison, the Nets would pay a very small price for fines for allowing Irving to play home games. Besides, the fantastic shooting guard would help the team recoup the money tenfold through gate receipts while the TV ratings would soar through the roof.

In short, if Irving continues to eschew the vaccination, the Nets would still win because the penalties for noncompliance to the NYC ordinance would be minuscule.


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