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Want Better Mental Health And Sleep?Try Our 5-Step Checklist


Want Better Mental Health And Sleep?Try Our 5-Step Checklist

Dealing with the pandemic and juggling work, kids, and our personal lives during these times have affected us all, and this high stress can definitely affect our mental health, which can affect our sleep quality. So it’s no surprise that many of us find ourselves struggling to get good restful sleep during these super stressful times.

Sleep problems can be pretty common among people who suffer from anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions. Being a person who suffers from both generalized anxiety disorder and depression… I have had my fair share of sleepless nights. You also may find yourself waking up feeling tired, waking up during the night, struggling to get to sleep, or waking up too early.

It’s important to learn to practice self-care. What self-care means to you can mean so many different things, but the main goal of the term (and practice) of self-care is to prioritize yourself and do what makes you feel good. Whether that means pampering yourself with something indulgent or engaging in activities, you enjoy, finding what brings you joy can help improve your mental health and make getting restful sleep at night that much easier!

We are always hunting for new therapeutic tools to improve our mind, body, and soul. So we thought we would put together a self-care checklist, specifically for getting a better, more restful night’s sleep.

Self Care Checklist For Better Mental Health & Restful Sleep

Have A Tried & True Nighttime Routine… & Stick To It!

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Have an easy nighttime routine that you can look forward to without much thought! Most of us have things we frequently do at night before bed, but having it in a specific order and doing it every night will “train” your mind and body to get into sleep mode!

Nightime Journaling.

If anxious thoughts are keeping you up at night, consider keeping a journal next to your bed so you can write them down, put them out of your mind for the night, and deal with them in the daytime.

Full transparency, sometimes, I use the notes app on my phone to jot down quick thoughts that…

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