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Wayment?! New Survey Reveals Uber Drivers Rank New York City Riders As The Rudest In The Country


Wayment?! New Survey Reveals Uber Drivers Rank New York City Riders As The Rudest In The Country

Roommates, we’ve all likely had at least one bad ride-share experience, but the latest news surrounding Uber courtesy of New York City drivers is making headlines. According to recent reports, based on a recent survey conducted by Uber, New York City Uber riders were officially ranked as the rudest in the entire U.S.

The results of a recent Uber survey may leave New York City riders feeling a certain way. @NYPost reports, following a recent survey conducted by Uber, it was discovered that Uber drivers in NYC officially rank local riders as the rudest people in the entire country. The survey was based on average rider ratings given out by Uber drivers, ranging from one to five stars, for whether passengers showed up on time for their rides, left trash in vehicles, talked to their drivers respectfully and more factors.

While New York City was at the top of the list for rudeness, other cities with poor manners according to the survey, include Seattle, Washington, D.C., Boston, Minneapolis-St. Paul, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Chicago. Meanwhile on the other side of things, there were select cities that stood out for their niceness, such as St. Louis, Nashville, Salt Lake City and Kansas City, Missouri, Sacramento, Tampa Bay, Charlotte, Las Vegas and Portland.

If you’re wondering where the survey came from, it’s part of Uber’s launch of its new feature called “privacy center,” which allows Uber riders the ability to view how drivers have rated them and also providing them with tips on how to improve their ratings.

Speaking about the new program, Uber Privacy Conduct Manager Zach Singleton, said “We hope that by giving users a peek into how their rating is calculated, we can help encourage positive experiences between riders and drivers on every trip.”


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