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Where to Buy Face Masks Online Right Now (Updated for 2021)


Where to Buy Face Masks Online Right Now (Updated for 2021)

If the rapidly spreading Omicron variant has you motivated to re-up your supply of PPE and you’re curious where to buy face masks right now, look no further—we’ve found literally hundreds below. As evidenced by this lengthy list, we’re certainly no longer in the phase of the pandemic where masks are low in supply. They’re pretty abundant, actually, with plenty of brands putting their own spin on face masks—from “fashion” masks in prints and silky fabrics to ones designed to help you feel more comfortable while moving and sweating.

The CDC still recommends wearing snug-fitting face masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, especially in spaces like public transport where social distancing is tough to do. For an even safer approach to masking, the CDC also recommends double masking—or layering a reusable cloth mask over a disposable paper one, so long as it doesn’t restrict your breathing—to increase protection against the spread of respiratory particles.

As new, more contagious variants of the virus emerge, studies have shown that you’re better off reaching for something like a disposable KN95 (a different version of the N-95) with multiple layers and a nose wire, or a reusable face mask made from breathable layers of tightly woven material, over something like a bandana. And thankfully there are now enough companies making face masks that you’ll almost certainly be able to choose something functional and stylish enough that you won’t mind wearing. (Looks, of course, are a secondary concern. If you’re really jonesing to exercise your creativity in quarantine, ask one of these 24 certified quar geniuses.)

Wondering where to buy face masks? Here is a running list of designers and manufacturers who are creating non-medical fabric masks, along with some disposable paper masks we like—grouped and sorted by their breathability, overall stylishness, and material. 

Want to mask up like a GQ editor? We asked 12 staffers to share their go-to face coverings.

Simple and Affordable Face Masks

Since we started scouring the internet for face masks in 2020, these easy and (mostly) budget-friendly masks have…

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