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Wife Disappears after a Doctor’s Appointment, 42 Years Later She’s Found in a Nursing Home


Wife Disappears after a Doctor’s Appointment, 42 Years Later She’s Found in a Nursing Home

A few years ago, a 78-year-old woman, Flora Stevens, went viral after being found in a nursing home, over four decades after she suddenly vanished. Sadly, the woman could not give any information regarding where she had been, and here is why.

For the longest time, officers from the New York Police Department reviewed the case of a missing woman who was an employee at the most exquisite hotel in upstate New York but was unable to develop any leads.

However, in October 2017, they solved the case, which eventually went viral. The missing woman identified as Florence “Flora” Stevens was found in an assisted living facility in Massachusetts, 42 years after she disappeared in upstate New York.

Detective Rich Morgan showing Flora Stevens an old photo of her as a 36-year-old after she was found [left] | The old photo of Flora Stevens when she was 36 and worked in a hotel [right]. | Source:


Stevens was 36 years old when she suddenly went missing on August 3, 1975. According to the Sullivan County Sheriff’s office, she had a doctor’s appointment at Community General Hospital, located at Monticello at the time, and was dropped off by her husband.

But after the appointment was over and the man returned to pick up his wife, Stevens had vanished. Immediately, the police went into action and did everything possible, but all efforts proved abortive.

An old photo of Flora Stevens when she was 36 years old. | Source: Boston

The missing person’s case remained unsolved for decades until the Sullivan County Sheriff’s office received information about some unidentified skeletal remains, believed to be Stevens’s. They hoped family members could provide DNA for identification.


Instead, investigators found out someone was using the missing woman’s social security number in Massachusetts. So, they tracked down the number to a nursing home In Lowell.

The workers at the facility confirmed that the number belonged to a woman named Flora Harris, who had been there since 2001.

The facility home where Flora…

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