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Woman Abandons Family after Husband’s Infidelity, 10 Years Later She Appears at Son’s Wedding


Woman Abandons Family after Husband’s Infidelity, 10 Years Later She Appears at Son’s Wedding

A woman who abandoned her family over an ugly spat involving her husband’s infidelity comes over to her son’s wedding after ten years of going no contact. 

A wedding and portrait photographer took to Reddit to narrate an incredible reunion of a mother and groom who hadn’t communicated in over ten years until the guy’s wedding. 

Redditor jumersmith wasn’t new to the wedding photography biz. Apart from clicking pics, he’d take home memories that last a lifetime. On one such wedding, he ran into a mother who eagerly waited to see her son, aka the groom, after ten long years of silence. 

Groom’s mother shows up at his wedding after 10 years of no contact | Photo: Shutterstock

The Original Poster (OP) was told the groom’s mother wouldn’t be attending the wedding, and the stepmother would take her place in all the marriage-related events.

OP thought it would be interesting and was excited about the whole setting. Curious still, the photographer inquired if the groom’s mother was invited. 

The bride later told him that she was sent an invite out of courtesy, and since she didn’t respond, the assumption would be downright “NO, she’s not attending the wedding.” However, they were wrong.

The groom’s stepmom took over his mom’s place at his wedding | Photo: Unsplash

The big day finally arrived. OP was in his best avatar showing up on the wedding day. The bride immediately rushed to him and told him she was sorry about how the day would be like. 

The photographer had no idea what she was talking about, but he assured the bride that he would let things happen as planned but that she needed to tell him what to do. 

The bride then revealed that her partner’s mom had called her around 20 minutes earlier asking her about the parking arrangements, assuming there would be a “family only” slot available for her. 

The bride and groom anticipated the estranged mother’s arrival | Photo: Unsplash

Shockingly enough, the bride had never met her beau’s mother before. It was her first time speaking to her, and it was just three hours away from the wedding. 

The photographer headed to the newlywed couple to…

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