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Woman Hates Her Life until Doctor Says She Only Has One Year to Live — Story of the Day


Woman Hates Her Life until Doctor Says She Only Has One Year to Live — Story of the Day

She lived in a dead marriage, and clung to a job she hated until the doctor gave her the terrifying diagnosis: she had only one year to live.

Clara Daniels pressed her palms against her eyes. She could feel another one of those horrific nauseating headaches coming on again. She’d already been to the doctor about it and he had ordered a battery of tests and a CAT scan.

Her mother told her that it was all in her head, and her best friend Gail told her it was the constant stress she lived under. Clara thought it was her unhappiness somehow made flesh, tormenting her. And in a way, she was right.

Clara was tormented by constant headaches | Source:

Clara took a migraine tab and drank a cup of coffee, then picked up the manuscript she was editing. What utter dross! She could write better, in fact, she already had. 

In the bottom drawer of her desk was her first novel, all she had to do was find the courage to show it to her boss… Clara stood up and walked to his door. She knocked and peeked in.

“Mr. Kandinski, could I speak to you for a minute?” Mr. Kandisnki looked up and sighed. He didn’t look at all pleased by Clara’s interruption, but then, he never looked pleased by anything.

“What is it?” he snapped. “Not another raise? You earn too much for what you do anyway!”

Clara’s boss refused to look at her manuscript | Source: Unsplash

“No,” said Clara, forcing herself to smile as if he’d made a joke. “I wanted to ask you to look at a manuscript…my manuscript.”

“No!” screamed Kandinski, slamming his fist on his desk. “You are barely competent as an editor, I don’t want to wade through trash!” Clara nodded, turned her back, and went back to her desk in tears.

Faster than she had thought possible, the afternoon sped by, and it was time to go home, home to Jerry. When Clara had married Jerry ten years ago, she had been in love with him, and all his little quirks had seemed adorable.

A decade in, he irritated her, and she realized that she no longer loved him. Gail had told her to leave Jerry again and again but Clara simply couldn’t. “You don’t understand,” Clara  told her best friend. “He doesn’t do…

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