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Woman Sees Widower Wearing His Wedding Ring and Brings It up during Lunch, Later Sparks Debates


Woman Sees Widower Wearing His Wedding Ring and Brings It up during Lunch, Later Sparks Debates

A woman is mercilessly roasted online after asking a widower why he was still wearing his wedding band, bringing the matter to everyone’s attention during lunch.

A 32-year-old woman went viral online after recounting the moment she brought up how a widower still wore his wedding ring during a team lunch in the office. However, the internet wasn’t kind to her.

Have you ever been the one to freeze people in the room and point their grumpy faces in your direction after asking something that seemed OKAY to you? 

One woman known by the username Ideal-Mind3099 on Reddit decided to ask her new co-worker, a recent widower, about the wedding ring on his finger. To her surprise, things went in an unexpected direction then and there.

A woman notices her colleague still wearing his wedding band despite being widowed | Photo: Shutterstock

A recent post on Reddit got the internet talking and condemning a woman online for bringing up a conversation that she thought was “casual” about a widower’s wedding band.

With more than 21K votes and counting, the Original Poster (OP)’s story is still shining, but for all the wrong reasons. Well, what made her amass so much negativity? 

OP’s company hired a new employee, “Jame”, a few weeks prior. She said the guy, 36, was friendly and that his wife passed away eight months ago. 

She and the other colleagues got along well with James. But when OP noticed he was wearing his wedding band, she was confused.

The woman notices her recently widowed colleague still wearing his wedding ring | Photo: Pexels

She decided to ask him about it without further thought during their team lunch. She pointed out how James was “MISLEADING” people by wearing his wedding band although widowed.

Everyone stopped eating and stared at both of them. James looked pretty bothered by what OP said but she didn’t realize she had to stop talking.

The person even lashed out, saying that it seemed like OP was interested in the co-worker.

She went on and on about how James misguided people about his relationship status when he was “technically single” and on his own accord now. The more she said, the…

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