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Wordle players, fear not: The New York Times says the ‘vast majority’ of win streak stats have now been carried over


Wordle players, fear not: The New York Times says the ‘vast majority’ of win streak stats have now been carried over

The New York Times’ version of Wordle launched Thursday, but just like most big video game launches these days, it’s been messy. While there have been reports of a few different issues, perhaps the most egregious was that some win streaks weren’t carried over from the old Wordle URLs to the Wordle URL on the Times, despite what was promised after the Times announced it was buying the popular word puzzle from creator Josh Wardle. We asked the Times what’s been going on, and spokesperson Jordan Cohen shared details about how it has been fixing things.

Shortly after Thursday’s launch, the Times identified a problem affecting users’ current streak information. “For these users, their Current Streak was being reset to one after successfully completing Thursday’s Wordle following the redirect,” Cohen wrote in an email to The Verge. He said the Times deployed a fix around 7PM ET on Thursday. “We confirmed this solution is working for users who visited The New York Times’s Wordle page after the fix was released; i.e., their Current Streak was not being reset to one.”

That wasn’t the only problem, though. “We then shifted our focus to addressing the Current Streak reset issue for users who visited Wordle between 2:30 p.m. E.T. and 7 p.m. E.T,” Cohen said. “Later that evening, we released a fix that addressed this set of users, and confirmed that it worked for users in that state. This fix does require that users successfully complete Friday’s Wordle. It may also require them to refresh their browser.”

The “vast majority” of players should now have their stats and streaks carried over

As of Friday, the Times believes “stats and streaks should be carried over for the vast majority” of players, according to Cohen, but he did note that “we are seeing some reports of users continuing to have issues, and are investigating and engaging with these users.”

Cohen also noted that your stats are stored in local storage on your devices — the Times doesn’t have them. “This data was not stored by Josh Wardle, and is not stored by The New York Times,” he said. “The data…

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