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“Y’all Ain’t Using Them Anyway”


“Y’all Ain’t Using Them Anyway”

Bobby Shmurda tells rappers with guns in the videos to stop the cap.

Since his homecoming, we’ve seen nothing but smiles and joy from the “Hot Ni**a” rapper. Following a six year bid in prison, Shmurda came home to quintuple platinum record in his debut single and a platinum record for its follow up, Bobby B**ch.”

If i could dance like Bobby Schmurda I would. I be too stoned to move my body like that but that shits hella awesome to watch

— Wiz Khalifa (@wizkhalifa) December 18, 2021

Lately, his dance moves have been the topic of conversation, but the talks does not phase Shmurda. He is living on a natural high since his release from prison. Even Wiz Khalifa chimed in by saluting the Shmurda moves, calling it “hella awesome to watch.”

The Brooklyn rapper recently took to Instagram to call out rappers who carry guns in their music videos.

“I don’t wanna see nooo guns in Videos this year str8 Gyal,” he said. “y’all ni**as ain’t using them anyway you on the gram with it ni***aa.”

In the post, Shmurda is surrounded by a handful of woman and is living his best life. We would not want to see it any other way for Bobby Shmurda.

In a previous IG post, he explained why he dances so often now that he’s a free man. The video shows a man in jail dancing with a machete knife.

“Watch them Mf’s who be dancing when they come out of jail…had one the size of my foot I used to walk around with in my socks (frank &beans),” he says in the caption. “lol nah but Rns I rather dance outside free in videos stages clubs iG TicToc wherever I could then to do it in there again so remember appreciate your freedom!!!!”

Last month he dropped his first track since his homecoming with Quavo and Rowdy Rebel, called “Shmoney.” Of course the dances are on displayed throughout the video.

His latest release is something to hold fans over until his long-awaited debut album.

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